Product Management

  • Please join me in giving a warm welcome to our newest subtypes:

    • FSO (Full Spectrum Oil) under the Extract Product Type

    • Gum under the Edible Product Type

    • Accessory, Clothing under the Merch Product Type

Inventory Control

  • An ‘Expiration Date’ field is now available as a column in the Inventory Adjustment page and allows you to keep an eye on units that are expiring soon. We recommend filtering your inventory by expiration date on a monthly basis to ensure you’re squeezing the most out of every unit of inventory on your shelves.



  • Faster troubleshooting for all! We’ve introduced more descriptive error handling messages for Integrated Payment failures.  

  • When exporting Inventory Adjustment or Valuation Reports, lab results, and product expiration dates will be included in the CSV.

  • Refunds are processing much faster and the tipping section is now visible on payment links.


  • We've sped up the loading time of the Fulfillment chat significantly.

Enterprise Product Management (EPM) – Beta 

  • When merging tier-priced products, users can now select a pricing tier or flat price before they complete the merge.

  • We’ve released a new column in the Central Catalog named ‘Last Updated’ that shows the last time the product was edited (meaning product details were added/removed/changed). 

  • We’ve added barriers that prevent AZ products from being linked to CA products in BrandTreez without a Total Flower Weight (g) field included. 


Sell Treez

  • Draft sales are now being auto-abandoned when the configuration is enabled, as expected. Auto-abandon not enabled at your shop? Go ahead and try it out by navigating to Configurations > Config Page > Abandon Draft and Saved Sales and setting your desired timeframe.

  • When linking a Treez product to a BrandTreez master product listing, the following product detail fields will no longer be cleared: Gross Weight, Net Weight, Strain, Total Flower Weight.


  • The ability to Import packages from Metrc has been restored!


  • Users are now able to reassign packages with sold-out inventory, as expected.

Sell By Location (SBL)

  • URLs will display the correct inventory associated with the location assigned in Sales Channel management, as expected.


  • With this release, we are providing a fix to the issue causing paid tickets to be accidentally abandoned before being completed in Treez. Sorry about that.


  • We’ve cleared up the blurry items that were appearing in carts.

Inventory Management

  • We heard that PDF uploads in Inventory Control were not viewable – we have lifted the veil and they can now be seen!


  • A bug was causing BOGO discount titles to not appear in reports but has been resolved

Enterprise Product Management – EPM (Beta)

  • We’ve enhanced the ability to sort by brand, name, and have removed the ability to sort by price (until further notice).

  • The ‘Size’ input field is now available as a non-required field for infused pre-rolls in CA, MI, and AZ products.

  • A customer reported errors when merging 2 merch products – the behavior has been resolved. 


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