• Refunds for One-Click Digital Payments (ACH) from TreezPay are now possible for completed orders! Refunds to ACH can only be issued for the total amount of the ticket – partial refunds must be issued in cash or rewards dollars.

  • Speaking of ACH, we’ve restored the ability to process partial refunds of completed tickets to non-ACH payment types, like cash or rewards dollars.

Enterprise Product Management (EPM) – Beta

  • Drum roll please... beta users are now able to create org-level unit, weight, and bulk/deli pricing tiers from within the EPM Pricing Management page! Users can then assign products to pricing tiers on a store-by-store basis allowing you to mix and match flat and tier pricing across various locations. In order to assign a pricing tier, you’ll need to locate a product, click the 3 dots and select ‘Edit Prices.’ From there, you can change the price of the product from flat to tier and vice versa.

  • Each state has slightly different product subtypes and product form needs. With this in mind, we updated the product form inputs to be state-specific and in-line with each state’s specific compliance requirements.


Sell Treez – Arizona

  • We’re welcoming Arizona to the adult-use space by disabling the ability for newly converted adult-use customers to checkout with medical items.


Sell Treez

  • Spinning wheel of death begone!  You can once again search for customer emails in the POS without getting hung up.


  • We heard that chat in Fulfillment Dashboard was running a bit slower than usual – things should be much speedier now. 


  • We’ve resolved the issue that was blocking the manual manifest import flow for Metrc .csvs in the Purchasing module.

Location Management

  • We’ve sped things up when updating locations in Location Management.

Enterprise Product Management (EPM) – Beta

  • Central Catalog improvements galore! Starting today, newly created products will live at the top of the page as expected, we’ve improved how unlinked products from BrandTreez are updated and made it so that edits made to deactivated products in the Central Catalog are saved properly. To top it all off, EPM’s search and filtering usability has been refined and polished.

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