Ask Treez

  • AskTreez 2.0 is in the building! Head on over to Reports > Analytics to log into AskTreez directly from the SellTreez portal, and check out its new & improved interface. The redesigned UI offers all the same great dashboards you’ve come to know and love, only now, they’re a whole lot easier to find. 

Product Management

    • The results are in… Lab Results that is! In Inventory Management, add lab results to a product’s Inventory Card and watch them appear in the sales associate’s view in Sell Treez. The more you add, the more informed your budtenders (and customers!) will be when it comes to checkout. So go ahead, knock yourself out with those cannabinoids and terpenes! Oh yea, and if you have multiple batches (of the same product) with differing lab results available, we’ll display a range instead of a single percentage, ensuring your sales staff can always set proper expectations with customers. 
Lab results in SellTreez POS


    • We get it – mistakes happen. With this release comes the new ability to change the distributor on your invoices, even after the inventory has been accepted and sold. All of the historical reports and exports will be retroactively updated to reflect the new Distributor. NOTE: You will not be able to update an invoice from an arm’s-length (AL) distributor to a non-arm’s length (NAL) distributor (or vice-versa) after sales have been made. 


Customer Management – Intake App 

  • Empty customer address fields can no longer be saved to a customer’s profile. While we were at it, we improved searching and resolved the issue that was causing first and last name inputs to cut off from view. Hooray! 

Cash Handling

  • Different sales channels, same cash handling module! Orders completed through our Ticket API (I’m looking at you, delivery orders) will now be associated with the salesperson and the cash drawer they used to complete the order. Every payment method for these orders will appear in Daily Totals under the corresponding payment method (e.g., Cash, ACH, Debit Card…etc.).


Customer Management

  • We’ve resolved the issue causing the ‘Waiting for Barcode Scan’ screen to linger around when creating a new customer profile. 


  • A customer reported errors when attempting to scan the same product from different batches in Fulfillment. Going forward, you can scan as many units from as many different batches as you’d like without worry.


  • iPad users rejoice! No longer will your shopping cart be partially hidden from view when using it in portrait orientation

Pricing Management

  • A customer reported that when trying to delete a product linked to tier pricing, they received an error message instead of the normal ‘Confirm Delete Product’ card. The bug causing this issue has been removed, so you’ll be able to Spring clean your product collection at any point throughout the year.

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