NEW! Payments This hotfix addresses an issue seen by customers using TreezPay ACH links. Customers were having payment links blocked by message carriers via Twilio. This issue was seen particularly with customers on Verizon. The short-link URL has been identified as the culprit as carriers are not crawling URLs sent on their service for sensitive content and was flagged as a possible violator. The new short-link will not contain which will allow for continued generation of pay links.


NEW! Product Management Please join me in giving a warm welcome to our newest subtypes: FSO (Full Spectrum Oil) under the Extract Product Type Gum under the Edible Product Type Accessory, Clothing under the Merch Product Type Inventory Control An ‘Expiration Date’ field is now available as a column in the Inventory Adjustment page and allows you to keep an eye on units that are expiring soon. We recommend filtering your inventory by expiration date on a monthly basis to ensure you’re squeezing the most out of every unit of inventory on your shelves. IMPROVEMENTS Payments Faster troubleshooting for all! We’ve introduced more descriptive error handling messages for Integrated Payment failures.   When exporting Inventory Adjustment or Valuation Reports, lab results, and product expiration dates will be included in the CSV. Refunds are processing much faster and the tipping section is now visible on payment links. Fulfillment We've sped up the loading time of the Fulfillment chat signi


NEW! Payments Refunds for One-Click Digital Payments (ACH) from TreezPay are now possible for completed orders! Refunds to ACH can only be issued for the total amount of the ticket – partial refunds must be issued in cash or rewards dollars. Speaking of ACH, we’ve restored the ability to process partial refunds of completed tickets to non-ACH payment types, like cash or rewards dollars. Enterprise Product Management (EPM) – Beta Drum roll please... beta users are now able to create org-level unit, weight, and bulk/deli pricing tiers from within the EPM Pricing Management page! Users can then assign products to pricing tiers on a store-by-store basis allowing you to mix and match flat and tier pricing across various locations. In order to assign a pricing tier, you’ll need to locate a product, click the 3 dots and select ‘Edit Prices.’ From there, you can change the price of the product from flat to tier and vice versa. Each state has slightly different product subtypes and product form


  NEW! Fulfillment Notifications, meet granularity. Days of the week, time of day, and date range filters are now included in our notifications framework!  IMPROVEMENTS Customer Management – Intake App  A manual sign-up flow has been created for our intake app! – No ID scanning required. We’ve also improved error messaging so you can troubleshoot with direction and ease. Lastly, we unstuck the stubborn queue button that was appearing after creating new customer profiles.   eCommerce Collect on, collectors! Product Collections and their long names will now be formatted to display pleasantly in your eCommerce menu. Additionally, we’ve added signage to let you know which collection you are viewing.  FIXES Sell Treez (MI) A Michigan customer reported issues when attempting to set an order’s delivery date – this behavior has been corrected. We’ve resolved the issue preventing the ‘Address 2’ field from displaying correctly on the receipts of delivery orders. Purchasing / Inventory Managem


NEW! Ask Treez AskTreez 2.0 is in the building! Head on over to Reports > Analytics to log into AskTreez directly from the SellTreez portal, and check out its new & improved interface. The redesigned UI offers all the same great dashboards you’ve come to know and love, only now, they’re a whole lot easier to find.  Product Management The results are in… Lab Results that is! In Inventory Management, add lab results to a product’s Inventory Card and watch them appear in the sales associate’s view in Sell Treez. The more you add, the more informed your budtenders (and customers!) will be when it comes to checkout. So go ahead, knock yourself out with those cannabinoids and terpenes! Oh yea, and if you have multiple batches (of the same product) with differing lab results available, we’ll display a range instead of a single percentage, ensuring your sales staff can always set proper expectations with customers.  Purchasing We get it – mistakes happen. With this release comes the